Our story

Welcome to our store! Studio Osmos is a woman owned business based in Switzerland. Our journey started back in the end of 2022 when we started experimenting with color and came up with a unique and in-house created range of shades.

Along the way, we learned of the unnatural ingredients and harmful chemicals used in most factory-produced candles, a fact unknown to many consumers. Eventually, we grew determined to formulate natural candles that are safe for everyday use without compromising on quality.

All the products are individually handcrafted in micro-batches at our small studio in Switzerland. They are made will all natural premium soy wax and other carefully chosen ingredients without any harmful toxins that are commonly found in fragrance oils such as phtalates or parabens.

In an effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and to increase sustainability, we are committed to using domestically sourced and post -consumer recycled packaging materials that are also reusable, biodegradable and compostable. We are an eco-conscious team inspired by faith that carefully attend to each step of the production process to stand behind the quality of our brand.

Thank you for supporting our small business, and we hope our candles bring warmth and tranquility to your space.